1. TomFrank

    “Okay, so, as soon as she comes out of the house, you proposition me…I hope she’s wearing one of those bandage dresses.”

  2. Richard McBeef

    Sorry officer, I thought she was a mystery girl, but that explains why she demanded money first.

  3. your mom

    $200? Great! Wait… before you get in the car… you don’t have any rings in there, do you?

  4. The only mystery about this girl is if she charges extra to touch the penis under her skirt.

  5. They’re called “mystery” girls now?

  6. slippinx12

    The only mysterious is where will he get the money to pay her

  7. Did he leave his booster seat at home?

  8. Venom

    Jamie Kennedy can afford a Bentley? WTF?

  9. Perplexity

    No, this isn’t my mommy’s car, and yes I have cash. Whaddya mean you don’t do minors? Here – check out my driver’s license. Just hurry up!

  10. Pippy Longcockings

    Man he looks rough in this pic!

  11. hbw

    “Whad’ya mean $100 for a half & half?” – Mystery Girl

  12. cc

    “Seriously honey, I AM famous!”
    “I Googled you on my iPad mister…nothing’

  13. SFfan

    Looking at her two hand bags, maybe she is his dealer?

  14. acards

    He probably could have just paid jennifer love hewitt for the same thing he’s getting from her…but then again this girl’s not as desperate.

  15. LJ

    He seems to have better taste than Hugh Grant but then again he’s negotiating in the middle of the day..

  16. shan danger

    and by “mystery girl” we mean prostitute. no real mystery there, because no one cares what a cinnamon’s real name is.

  17. Mike701

    My last movie tanked, $100 is the max. OK OK Every movie tanked, now shut up and get in.

  18. licialicia

    Wow, that outfit that chick is wearing is fucking horrendous. It’s that slut bag lady look Mischa Barton and all those fuckface Hollywood bitches started.

  19. “Omigod, you’re only 16? Oh shit! Then I’ll pay you double.”

  20. Dinosaurland

    “Come on, I’ve only got fifteen minutes. My boss thinks I’m detailing this car.”

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