1. So the fat kid from Stand By Me now looks like a model and she looks like this…

  2. It’s a fat girl’s name.

  3. mike

    “I dabbled into witchcraft.”

  4. On her way to a reading for the movie Pretty in Pudding

  5. slippinx12

    Her breakfast club meets at a buffet these days

  6. Richard McBeef

    I think she’s doing that thing when you make the jerk off motion and bulge your tongue into you cheek.

  7. They banned the roughing tool in photoshop

    This is the reason they banned the roughing tool in Photoshop. Instead of favorable output, you have the opposite.

  8. Evil Dick Tater

    Rumer Willis in 20 years.

  9. Startled, she comes to a standstill as she hears the sound of sausages frying in a pan somewhere in Pasadena.

  10. hbw

    She should’ve stolen some new ears.

  11. cc

    She just realized that ‘The Breakfast Club’ would never have really gone down like that.

  12. Venom

    From the Breakfast Club to the Dinner Buffet.

  13. Lissa

    That’s right boys…this is what you used to jack off too..HA!

  14. Chinto

    I can only take the caption’s word that this is Molly Ringwald. She could have come up and kicked me in the nuts and I wouldn’t have known who she was.

  15. Nobody

    Jeez what is that? Boy it’s really stuck in there… It tastes like -is it wheat grass? ..the texture is off – oh God no! It’s one of Judd Nelson’s pubes!

  16. licialicia

    You guys are nuts, sh’es like 45 years old and had twins. her stomach is flat, she looks great. WTF are you idots going on about?

  17. Looks like she’s still carrying twins except on her chest. And that’s not a bad thing.

  18. SIN

    With all of these comments we would all still love to fuck her.

  19. fattymcgee

    That’s so sad. Remember in those 80′s movies when she was hot and… oh yah, that’s right…

  20. MrsHumphrey

    She’s still alive?

  21. Squishy

    Or is this Paz de la Huerta on the way to get spray tanned?

  22. jewels

    Obviously no one commenting on her weight gain lives in the same world I do, where at 25 a quick perusal of facebook profiles tells me that a mjority of my former classmates have packed on at least 20 lbs. This woman was a teen idol around the time that I was born; it’s ridiculous that anyone would even take the time to state the obvious, 20 plus years have changed her appearance a bit. She hasn’t gone the filler/ surgery/ starved/ cardio’d- into- masculine territory route, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

  23. allie

    have you all lost your minds? this woman is 43 and just had twins. so shes wearing sweats and theres a picture where she wasnt posing for a picture, or even knew it was being taken and you think shes fat and gross? get a grip! youre what is wrong with society. she looks healthy and amazing to me.

  24. Steelerchick

    Don’t you remember when she was hot?? ?
    Me either.

  25. Queen

    Forget her weight, her ear is abnormally large, yes?

  26. beverly hills

    for reals, people. she is in no way fat. she actually looks pretty good, except for getting caught that weird facial expression..and the ears. the ears are very LOTR. i’m proud of her for never getting them clipped, or whatever people do with large ears these days.

  27. hazeldazel

    why didn’t i take Ducky to the dance? why?????

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