1. SIN

    Having trouble figuring out who the desperate one is.

  2. Deacon Jones

    This guy has to start getting his own posts.

    The potential for this one is endless.

  3. Cock Dr

    THOSE are skinny jeans. stretched oh so tightly over Jungle Locks & Boots Grrl there.

  4. it had to be said

    She’s a lesbian?

  5. JC

    Eddie Vedder’s head + Taylor Swift’s legs = this guy.

  6. Even Kelly can’t look at him anymore.

  7. no way are there balls in those skinny jeans. no. fucking. way.

  8. I refuse to believe he’s fucking her. Somebody’s bearding here. That dude is clearly gay. Kelly’s looking hot these days. Nice slim legs there.

  9. Bionic_Crouton

    They keep going back to the airport to see if baggage claim found his balls.

  10. Allison Wunderlan

    He’s an Estrogen Vampire. Please somebody, release Kelly from his thrall.

  11. Matthew Moosefart, eh? I’m pretty sure his 15 minutes are almost up…

  12. GLT

    “I feel pretty. Oh, so pretty…”

  13. lori

    Um. Gay. Kind of delicious in a totally trashy way, but still gay.

  14. Nope. There is nothing gay about that at all.

  15. I am so happy Kelly has decided to explore her lesbian side. Does this make them both lipstick lesbians?

  16. Would somebody PLEASE buy this motherfucker a goddamned hairbrush?!? Then get him into a class where he can learn to use it…

  17. Anna

    she lost all this weight. and then she got herself a boyfriend so skinny she looks fat next to him..go figure.

  18. EricLr

    He looks like the real-life version of “Stefon” from SNL.

  19. Timothy

    Is that Jared Leto in drag again?

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