1. “Let’s go Ms. Mueller. Please put the stick…er…I mean the “magic wand”…down. The conservator is waiting for you at the bottom of the trail.”

  2. anonymous

    Harriet Pothead

  3. Hugh G. Rection

    Yea, she’s stable. No problems there.

  4. Be Bo Wobbly

    “And then I took “The Mighty Staff of Vengenance” and smote that snake, Charlie Sheen as he crawled through the grass there beside the trail, looking for another porn star goddess err, ahh…. “vestal virgin” to ensnare.”

  5. Schadenfreude

    “And this, boys, is how you beat a hobo to death. Our next lesson will be how to rifle through the corpse’s pockets to find his stash.”

  6. “Umm, Brooke, there’s no one there, who are you fighting?”


  8. Not pictured: a campfire. And marshmallows. And an ounce of sanity

  9. Baggy clothes might hide the gut but not the crazy.

  10. crb

    “And that’s when my skills as a lacrosse defenseman came-in! You go down to the lax store, right? Ask ‘em for a full-size defenseman’s stick. And then you bang the kids on the head with it from six feet away, any time they bug you! And pretty soon, kids that’re unconscious stop bugging you, amirite?!?”

  11. “This doesn’t surprise you?”
    “Not really. She does this every time we try to give her back her kids.”

  12. cc

    Hmmm, good theory, but it looks a little flimsy to be Khloes broom.

  13. whatever

    This other bitch looks like she is cold, or possibly afraid Brooke is gonna whip her with the stick. Yeah, must be lots of whipping the nanny at the house.

  14. whatever

    It would be so easy to edit Charlie into that photo.

  15. she probably has a crack pipe in the stick.

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