1. Codot

    Ever since she left Seal, people have been dying to throw some sausage Heidi’s way.

  2. Going for the AVN “Most simultaneous penetrations” award this year.

  3. Perfect amount for an airtight.

  4. it had to be said

    Five big, dark sausages only for her? Heidi calls that “Dienstag,” bitches.

  5. BP

    Eet zose vienerz mit fraulein!

  6. rican

    One of those belonged to Seal.

  7. cc

    Her legs look great.

  8. Beer Baron

    Looks like she ordered the Number 8, “The Kim Karsdashian.”

  9. Matt Lauer

    and the best part… not one of these suitors has an antique camera collection.

  10. Yaar

    Put all those together and they are still not halfway to Seal’s…

  11. Tron

    1 for here…4 for take home. :D

  12. She beat her meat and now their all dead.

  13. Proof that she’s gobbled more meat than i’ve had hot dinners!

  14. What, no sauerkraut?

  15. Seal

    Oh Damn, now you’ve done it bitch – I told you to STAY OUT OF MY HOT DOG ROOM!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Mama Pinkus

    she is becoming a real attention whore

  17. Skeeter

    How many of those wieners do you think she can fit inside her anus?

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