1. Hilaria Thomas is a funny name.

  2. Being rich is neat.

  3. Is that the little pig or his new wife? I can’t remember.

  4. Fishballs

    Alec Baldwin and his future alimony payment recipient.

  5. BP

    Did he import her from Guatemela or something?

  6. She is beautiful and so is he. They’ll make gorgeous children if they can escape the Bruce/Demi curse.

  7. bigalkie

    He looks more and more loser-ish everytime she trots him out for a photo op to further her name recognition.

  8. Oh, no…not ANOTHER celebrity sleeping with his maid!

  9. Alexis

    she looks like a/his maid

  10. It looks like he is mounting her on the elliptical

  11. cc

    My wisteria died, so I planted a hilaria.

  12. Tron

    ….And with every stair stepper, you get Alec Baldwin, pushing his bulge into your bottom, for extra motivation.

  13. The Pope

    He only married her so he could be referred to as “Hilaria’s husband”.

  14. genevieve Sabourin

    Alec Baldwin wife call 911on me and use her fake name. USA Statement done with false identity are FELONY. I got 911 tape+ Hilaria will now teach yoga with no view in JAIL

    Her real name is Hilary Hayward and all she say is LIES, I would never want to learn anything from a liar! It would all be false.

  15. Devilish Diva

    I can smell his sweaty “old man” smell from here. Blurghhh. Not enough money or fame could make me sleep with an old dude. Unless when I’m older than said old dude. I guess I’ll resign myself to that at some point.

  16. Skeeter

    Never seen that chick before but she’s cute. I would bang the crap out of her.

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