1. cc

    Haha, here’s an albacore for your hooha!

  2. Pierce Bronzetan

    “Ha ha ha! You’re not me!!!! Hahahahaaaaa!”

  3. tlmck

    “Ha ha suckers! I’ve got a billion dollars and a hot piece of ass and you don’t!”

    • Bigalkie

      He’s got Swarzenegger Disease. He’s a billionaire who likes very average women. Dr. Drew should do an intervention.

  4. Buddy The Elf

    So he DOES take that stupid hat off in the water.

  5. Ana

    The look on his face: Haha, motherfucker!
    The look on her face: Ha.. ha… motherfucker. -.-

  6. “Haha, the water just got all warm!”

  7. “Hey, y’all, guess where my index finger is…”

  8. zomgbie

    haha his bra fell off in the water.

  9. I’m RICH BITCH!!!!!!

  10. I think he found a chocolate starfish.

  11. Who Photoshopped those black people into the ocean?

  12. Raoul

    “Hey! I found my watch!”

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