1. vandinz

    WTF, is he dieing?

  2. KC

    It’s worse than you think. He’s actually still not wearing a shirt.

  3. Pine Table Fever

    Your move, Rock Hudson.

  4. Pierce Bronzetan

    Who remembers the movie Life Force?

  5. The inevitable result of having too much contact with Kate Hudson.

  6. cuddles

    Why does he look like a white Ron Washington?

  7. I get elderly but they stay the same age.

  8. EricLr

    Is he playing an English chap with cancer?

  9. “C’mon home, son, and eat a peanut butter sandwich…or maybe a few.”

  10. His mom is wearing a foil jacket to reflect the fail rays.

  11. Cancer, Schmanzer; the real question here is what obscure purpose does the scrotum-scarf serve.

    • Completely agree. I know he is playing a guy from the 80s with cancer and thats why he’s skinny, but he isn’t shooting in this picture, so why in the hell does he have that scarf on?

    • hahahaha
      Yeah, he’s confused. You tie your sweater around your shoulders, and your tube-socks around your ankles.

  12. So his real name is Matthew Krentcil?

  13. spartacus

    I call AIDS !

  14. I think he’s walking to his own funeral.

  15. duckfacegangstar

    He nailed the Fred from Scooby Doo look.

  16. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    It’s like George Harrison from the Sgt Pepper days is trying take over his body.

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