1. Crissy

    A cow wearing a moo moo, how fitting…

  2. She’s wearing a tent here. She must know more about her future than we thought she did.

  3. Pierce Bronzetan

    Knock Knock
    Who’s there?
    Orange who?
    Orange you glad I took the attention off my ass?

  4. I remember that episode of Blackadder. They all wear giant comedy breasts and Auntie only wants her penis turnip for dinner.

  5. Troll's Nighmare

    I know what’s holding that dress up… her ass.

  6. Contusion

    Q. How many yards of orange fabric does it take to drape a Kardashian?
    A. Moo

  7. I can only assume she’s going to cover her SUV with that orange tarp to protect it from the sun and bird poop.

  8. nippledar


  9. cuddles

    When did Kim transplant Heidi Montag’s tits onto her chest???

  10. Ana

    Holy mammaries!

  11. anonymous

    Hate this bitch but this is probably the best she’s looked in a while. At least she not wearing stupid shoulder pads or those tights that make her look like she’s wearing a pamper and needs to be changed ASAP.

  12. A cow in a mu mu, how ironic.

  13. Kelly

    Kim had planned to announce that she was becoming a buddhist later in a large press conference until she found out she would need to shave her head. Now she’s just an idiot in Egyptian Cotton.

  14. “All right, Kanye, a joke’s a joke, but you need to take off my dress. I can’t walk around in this bed sheet all day…”

  15. fattest

    I used that same tablecloth for a dinner party last night

  16. Cock Dr


  17. Brentkilledaguy

    Hmmm…. tits, yet still can GTFO

  18. She’s wearing MooMoo Couture from the Jennifer Love Hewitt collection.

  19. spartacus


  20. spartacus

    Theft and misappropriation of one Marquee.


  21. dairyair

    The Cincinnati Reds want their tarp back.

  22. Mama Pinkus

    fucking gross

  23. HollywoodOutsider

    Your move, Cristo!

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