1. IndySteel

    Ugh, I never should’ve borrowed these shoes from Michael Lohan.

  2. cc

    Dammit! Victoria and her anal beads!

  3. 1NDUN

    Bracing for his Scientology initiation.

  4. Pierce Bronzetan

    That was a shitty performance.

  5. Pierce Bronzetan

    He wants you to drill one between the posts.

  6. Pierce Bronzetan

    Shit It Like Beckham?

  7. Pierce Bronzetan

    Automatically regrets kicking a female fan in the crotch.

  8. Time of the month, David?

  9. Pierce Bronzetan

    He’s regretting kicking a female fan in the crotch

  10. DeucePickle

    Must…resist…urge…to scratch….nuts !

  11. Must…not…scratch…..crotch!

  12. TooCoo

    “Come on! Look at how he’s dressed! He was practically praying for it!” – Analrapist

  13. Just the thought of having sex with a woman gives him phantom pains where his penis used to be.

  14. Oldnslo

    Waiting for Tom?

  15. tlmck

    His right ankle is very flexible.

  16. sheldon

    I can’t believe someone photoshopped out Tom Cruise.

  17. Jade

    Ghosts.. everywhere, ghosts. Even up my bum!

  18. “Beckham has taken a terrible shot…he’s shaking like a dog passing peach pits…”

  19. EricLr

    Poor bastard never got over them cancelling Battlestar Galactica.

  20. Fingerogd

    “Dammit! I forgot to wear a tampon again. Look at my shoes, they’re ruined now!”

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