1. More like “Amy smells a fart”

  2. whoever smelled it dealt it

  3. Venom

    Amy Fart.

  4. “I’m regretting my decision to eat those tacos”


    The left lens in her glasses is missing. She’s a mess.

  6. pdan

    “What on earth is that…oh, right. My career.”

  7. Perplexity

    Just another chick at the WalMart parking lot on a Thursday afternoon.

  8. dontkillthemessenger

    I’d happily hit a chubby, bush armed Amy Smart.

  9. JPC

    And that is the exact same face I made while looking at this picture.

  10. cc

    Being downwind of Lindsay first thing in the morning is never a good thing.

  11. Ollie

    She can smell Maggie Q dropping her guts.

  12. farting old man's wife

    OOOO that fart was a bad one! It melted the lens out of my sunglasses!!!

  13. Amy Smart auditioning for the Crystal Bowersox story.

  14. Nik

    WOah what the hell happened to her?!

  15. CharmlessMan

    Looks like there will be Bajorans in the next Trek movie!

  16. Elf

    Her last name must be in the dictionary describing the word “irony.”

  17. Looks like she’s added a few pounds, and personally, I think she looks great! Of course she’s always been a real cutie.

  18. Frankie

    I’m kind of disappointed that she has breasts. I used to like her as a trashy A-cup, but with nice chunky legs. Case in point: Crank 2.

  19. I like Krystal Bowersox without the dreadlocks.

  20. SirReg

    Christ, it’s like Tara Reid shagged a Gremlin

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