1. “Don’t think about her holding that mic like a penis. Don’t think about her holding that mic like a penis. Don’t think about her holding that mic like a penis.”

  2. I totally and absolutely still would. And her, too.

  3. “Mr. Duchovny, were you surprised to find out that your costar was bisexual? Could you picture her being with other women?

    …Mr. Duchovney?”

  4. JC

    “Once again, no, I won’t be your girlfriend. Can we have a question from an audience member who’s actually touched a woman before?

  5. EricLR

    “I’ll field this one, David. Yes, he will probably kill himself if he has to hear one more of you call him Fox Mulder.”

  6. Slappy Magoo

    Scully, act casual, third row, fifth from the right…is that “The Truth?”

  7. People still give a shit about the X-Files?

    • Trek Girl

      Uh, yeah — it’s the X-Files. You know how sci-fi fans are. There will be lots of people interested in it for many years to come.

    • AnnaD.

      They sure do. 2 shits, even. It is only one of the best, most popular TV shows ever.

      • …and the last time it was on TV was 11 years ago. It was pretend just like SpongeBob. “Hey guy who did the voice of SpongeBob, do you actually like Crabby Patties in real life? Haha…cause my friend Steve and I had a whole conversation about one week where we made up our own scenarious about if you liked Crabbie Patties or if you sometimes wear a tie and shorts like your character. Haha. And, um, I know I know the answer to this, but, can you breathe under water? I’m sure you can’t but, like, can you?”

      • Trek Girl

        Lol that’s an odd line of reasoning for why it’s ridiculous for people to not like it anymore.

        “It hasn’t been on for 11 years, and it’s fake”. So, I guess appreciation for classic and fictional movies, shows and literature should stop after the one decade mark?

        Hey, nobody appreciate Shakespeare, The Twilight Zone, or any fairytales! They are old and fictional and, therefore, not worth liking!

  8. David looks happy to be there.

  9. The Winchester

    He truly is becoming Harrison Ford. Now he’s got that “Too stoned to focus on these nerds” part down cold!

  10. what?
    what about victor toomes?

  11. He has to use this; Tea Leoni cut off the original and gave it to the dog as a chew toy when she realized Californication was a documentary.

  12. “Are there any casting agents out there in this gathering of geeks and nerds?…Seriously, we need the work.”

  13. The look of a man that just wishes she and the X Files would just get abducted by aliens and never be seen again.

  14. the panel seemed to stretch on forever as Gilian answered question after question about The X-Files, and David…well David just thought about porn.

  15. Vladimir

    When were Harrison Ford and Virginia Madsen ever in the X-Files?

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