1. YAAR


  2. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Your move Vanessa Hudgens

  3. Cock Dr

    How’s that new chin working out?

  4. EricLr

    The dumb as shit ones are fine as long as you have an escape route planned ahead of time (I suggest “I have to go to the bathroom,” followed by crawling out the window that you had left open earlier).

  5. tlmck

    The first time she was on the show she gained weight.

  6. Fred

    Possibly the most flat ass I’ve ever seen. Shame to, because the package, aside from the scrambled eggs for a brain, was decent.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Despite the Maria Menounos pics, I guess there is no direct correlation between Dancing With the Stars and an improved ass.

  8. I thought you had to BE A STAR to be on Dancing With the Stars???

  9. Seriously? With the exception of the lack of ass, from the thumbnail I thought this was Kim Kardashian too. They’re all turning into Kims.

    • I guess we’ve seen so many pictures now that we’ve been brainwashed: Dark-haired girl + bun on the top of the head = Kardashian.

    • Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

      I’ve seen a girl behind the counter of an ice-cream shop who looks exactly like Kim…

      Problem is this girl is probably seventeen.

  10. And in a twist no one saw coming Bristol turned slowly and smiled. She’d been posing for those Pippa pictures all along….

  11. Lavandar

    She should be made to wear a disclaimer banner at all times that says – * Lifestyle results, money, and fame, not typical of knocked up unwed teenagers!

  12. Not my cup of tea. Or cup of anything, for that matter.

  13. terry

    Looks photo shopped.

  14. A Detective should be trailin and jailin Palin, cuz her ass is failin while she’s flailin on that show.

  15. Send some of your next pregnancy weight to your ass.

  16. dirtdog

    Pig cunt jr.

  17. Nina

    Damn. She looks hot. Her isn’t flat. Just take those shorts off and you’ll see.

  18. XGL

    Ugh, I caught some of the show last night and she was fucking terrible and her mother is a terrible cunt. Please dissappear.

  19. Mark

    I wouldn’t kick her out of bed. She looks hotter than most girls I see in Philly.

  20. I didn’t realize Stars was supposed to be in quotes.

  21. Belated Thought: Do you suppose she swallows?

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