1. Ronaldo

    OMG!! is that a fat suit and makeup? He has always been on the heavy side but this is “Fat Bastard” realm.

  2. rican

    And all this time I thought the Penguin in Batman was Danny de Vito.

  3. Mary Feeney

    How do you say “Jabba” in French?

  4. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Come, me honeys, come to me cave of magical wonders, hehehehehe waugh! waugh!

  5. Tidbit

    Is the French Chaz Bono pronounced Shay Bohnohohoho?

  6. 1NDUN

    Looks like the Count of Mouthing Crisco. Or Monty Python. Christ, Creosote, eat that mint and get it over with!

  7. When did Bruce Vilanch start acting again?

  8. EricLr

    One of the people pictured here lives in a bell tower at Notre Dame Cathedral. Try to guess which one.

  9. tlmck

    The Elephant Man lives!

  10. NotAClue

    So that’s the guy they got to play Fred Dukes in Wolverine…

  11. “Which one to eat first?!”


  13. dontkillthemessenger

    Is the woman in the red shirt sitting on one of his rolls or farting to improve the air quality around Gerard?

    • Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

      The *woman* in red is really Gerard’s favourite (notice he can’t take his eyes off it) blow-up sex doll (you can see where the guy in black’s hand is being used to provide animation).

  14. Making movies in the US almost killed the poor guy, turns out those Quarter Pounders with cheese are DELICIOUS. Or as he calls them “a Royale with cheese”

  15. Maybe it’s just an optical illusion, and all those women weigh only 23 pounds!

  16. Allison Wunderlan

    For her 50th birthday party, Violet Beauregarde entertained her guests by chewing another piece of Willy Wonka’s Blueberry Dessert Gum.

  17. Mag

    He’s a method actor just trying to look like his character Obelix without needing padding or make-up! What else could it be?

  18. And Catherine Deneuve gets no recognition from Photo Boy whatsoever. Nice. (Yes, another “legendary French actor,” PB.)

  19. Lavandar

    He was once considered the sexiest man in Paris.

  20. Quasimoto Depardieu

  21. Urvag

    Hurry up ladies… I’ve got a turtle head poking out.

  22. neo

    He thinks her hand is a croissant…a delicious buttery croissant. hmmmm. I must consume it!!

  23. bigalkie

    France’s answer to Ron Jeremy

  24. FattyMcGee

    More like, “Gerard Depar-don’t!” Am I right, people? I’ll leave now.

  25. He was once the sexiest man in the world. How the mighty have fallen.

  26. someguywhocares

    Jon Oliva finally getting Savatage back together? YES!!

  27. tito

    Chris Farley pulled a tupac.

  28. Put It In

    I’m sure the death of his son has contributed to his weight gain. He’s been growing since. I predict that he’ll explode any day now.

  29. XGL

    He will forever remind me of Anderson on the Ridiculist laughing like a schoolgirl. What an amazing giggle.

  30. Roseanne Barr

    Anyone else smell pee??

  31. Mike Walker

    Tu vas faire violer…

  32. InkyBlack

    Oh, shit! It’s Mr. Creosote!

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