1. “Does this make me look younger?”

  2. sid

    the red hair looks ggood on her!

  3. Horrible actress, horrible singer, horrible face. Urgh.

  4. Bam

    I don’t know guys Kathy Griffin has just jumped to I’d accept blowjob territory if you ask me.

  5. Ritchie, would you eat my pussy fer me?

  6. squishy

    Anything in my teeth, anything??

  7. Venom

    Just something sexy about her.

  8. Mamamia

    “Why do I get all the crazy parts in the movies? I don’t understand”


    Idiot scientologist.

    ps I LOVE KIDS!!!

  10. Sin

    She can’t act or sing. She must give great blow jobs to keep landing roles.

  11. coffee

    Shit Girls can’t-get-a-role-in-anything-else-ay

  12. Slippinx12

    Dammit you know you’re not supposed to show her her own IMDB page

  13. CK

    there’s just a few too many teeth in there.

  14. Steelerchick

    Audrey looks different these days.

  15. “No I’m not fucking Kathy Griffin!”

  16. Blech

    Oddly, she looks better like this… underbite and all.

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