1. tom

    Woah how time has passed!

  2. They are piloting a new show: “Five Head and Granny Guns”

  3. But they’re cousins…
    Identical cousins and you’ll find…
    They laugh alike, they walk alike….
    Sometimes they even talk alike…
    You can lose your mind…

  4. I always though Helen Hunt was hideous

  5. Mmh, they might be able to launch three, four ships between the two of them. Round that up to a dozen if you add in Helen Slater.

  6. contusion

    Okay, I get that it’s Helen Hunt and Helen Mirren. But which one is which?

  7. They’d both make my penis smell like ribbon candy.

  8. I’ll take them both. Mirren is sexy, and judging from the nude scenes in Hunt’s latest movie, she’s got a tight body. Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

  9. Where is Renee Z? To round out the squinty eye brigade?

  10. BP

    I’d bang em both!

  11. Here we are looking at what was once, long ago, four nice breasts…

  12. switch their hair with photoshop

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