1. I have no need to see Gary Busey’s driver’s license photo to know it’s him…

  2. DeucePickle

    Strangely enough, this is the least crazy I’ve seen him look in years

  3. “Cran! You forgot to put the bins out!”
    “Thanks, Gazza.”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Someone’s in my fruit cellar! Someone with a fresh soul!”

  5. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I woke up next to Anjelica Houston!”

  6. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! My parents left me ‘Home Alone’!”

  7. Gary Busey is reliving his motorcycle accident in his new movie, “Ground Hog Day 2, Head First”

  8. zomgbie

    poor gary’s face.
    it just realized its connected to crazy gary’s brain.

  9. Lovably insane.

  10. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Like a broken clock that’s nevertheless right twice a day, so Gary’s face represents what his brain permanently looks like, twice a day.


  12. Nothing new here.

  13. “I just remembered where I left my car keys!”

  14. Evan

    Wow. Jim Carrey’s gotten OLD!

  15. cc

    Oh please these Ripley’s wax statues didn’t even scare me when I was a kid.

  16. Grafikman

    “3…2…1…Sodomize me!!”

  17. LilDeuceDeuce

    I feel like he’s reacting to the Anjelica Huston pic before this.

  18. Bonky

    “How’m I doin’ today, Gary Busey ?”

  19. Spencer Pratt is looking worse for the wear pretending to be straight with Heidi all these years.

  20. Fuckstick

    “This is how I fuck the pussy!”

  21. Guess the world was running low on FUCKIN’ CRAZY.

  22. “OH MY GOD…I forgot to study for my I.Q. test!”

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