1. That’s not Lea. The picture isn’t annoying enough.

  2. anonymous

    I guess she’s getting past Cory Montheith’s death. Especially since we haven’t heard a peep from her about it from her after the tribute show aired.

  3. Never thought I would be saying this, but someone found literally the only perfect angle of her and she looks hot.

    Nobel Prize possibly?

    • mt

      More like a Photoshop award. Blow this picture up
      and you can see where they “shaped” her entire figure.
      Even if it was real, she’s nastier than a Honey Badger.
      I’ll pass, thanks anyway….

  4. – ‘You’d make a dead man come.”
    Too soon?

  5. Freebie

    Must still be in mourning, she’s wearing a black top.

  6. You know, I would have quit crack for that piece of ass. To each his own, I guess.

  7. Definitely her best angle.

  8. And that right there is the face…err ass of someone in mourning.

  9. Cock Dr

    Everyone works through their grief in different ways. This way looks very nice indeed.

  10. Bonky

    Ugh, every time I look out my window it’s the same thing.
    A tropical paradise and a sexually charged nymphette
    waiting for me who will do anything I ask of her. There
    must be more to life than this….

  11. Vlad

    Oh tree, you won’t die on me like my other boyfriend.

  12. Margaret

    Nice. Ass. I like a big nosed brunette like here anyway.

  13. Vladimir

    Where’s that Thai boy i ordered? Oh, there he is…

  14. whatever

    That would have been a very different shot had that pot not been watered recently….

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