1. I thought it was Kelly Clarkson at first.

  2. cc

    Ever notice how often you hear her music in shopping malls? She’s like latin Muzak.

  3. Her boobs aren’t symmetrical. Shakira, McFeely Smackup judges you to be imperfect!

  4. Just a little more time in the gym, and she could date A Rod.

  5. Cock Dr

    Shame on you for cutting off the shoes.

  6. Lakeesha

    This bitch is going to dye her hair blonde as she’s being lowered into the ground. Little forest monkey wants to be white.

  7. You know you’ve succeeded when a big white dude carries your umbrella.

  8. Wait, why doesn’t she have a scrotum, like that Canadian singer.

  9. The Pope

    You mean she has a front too?

  10. lily

    cute figure

  11. Nina

    Dayum..Lookin yummy Shak!

  12. SIN

    What the hell is wrong with you people?!? She looks great and you know it.

  13. Ah, that “pantyhose is in fashion” memo that we sent to Columbia in 1986 has finally arrived

  14. squishy

    As per usual, who cares?!

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