1. joe

    Yeah, I don’t know who I am either.

  2. cc

    He’s still got the flouncy hair from Boardwalk Empire. And one thing you never want as a man is hair that can be deemed ‘flouncy’.

  3. He looks like he died 2 weeks ago and they dug up his corpse for this thing.

  4. I’d say he looks surprised that Nucky shot him in the face, but having watched two seasons of Boardwalk Empire, I know he’s actually just surprised to be paid to “act” at all.

  5. EricLr

    He is hoping that if he broods enough, someone will give him a part in one of those new vampire movies.

  6. jesse


  7. Debutante

    He looks hungover as hell. Great lips though !

  8. Why do I want to punch him so?

  9. Warren Piece

    He looks like one of those boardwalk cutouts where you insert your face into an empty hole – and this hole has a 6 year old in it.

  10. Looks kind of unfinished. Babyfaces always do.

    • Trek Girl

      Heh – he does have a babyface. I’m always a little surprised at how fresh-faced 30 year-olds can be. If he looks like this at 30, then I can’t wait to see what he looks like at 35 or 40.

  11. CranAppleSnapple

    God he’s ugly.

  12. Campbell Soup Kid needs a shave.

  13. The Pope

    And starring as Jesse James in the Lifetime original movie about Sandra Bullock…this guy!

  14. AnnaDraconida

    Babyface with bitch lips. Yuck.

  15. I think this guy meant to show up at the Film Actors Guild Awards.

  16. Gertrude

    He looks like an old baby.

  17. Psycobiff

    They supposedly wrote him off the show because he’s a drunk.

  18. henny

    Brad’s mentally retarded brother?

  19. savedatwins

    sadly, brad pitt’s estranged brother knew they would never reunite because he had picked up an extra chromosome on the way to hollywood.

  20. Poor man’s Leonardo DiCaprio!!!!

  21. irocksocksoff

    Now we know what Ryan Gosling would look like with an extra chromosome.

  22. Swearin

    “So Michael, what’s in store for your character next season?”

  23. spartacus


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