1. Yes, even statues want to touch her boobs!

  2. contusion

    Is Sofia Vergara in a new Chipmunks movie?

  3. “Move award down so it doesn’t block my boobs…oh, who am I kidding. As long as I’m next to her, no one’ll be looking at my boobs.”

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    If I had to guess which one already used the trophy as a dildo, I’d take…

  5. That’s it, little one. You just keep you mouth shut and let me do the talking and your dog is going to be just fine…

  6. I know who I’d start a family with. Sarah.

  7. Bob

    Too Self – “Okay Sarah. Just take a deep breathe and holllldddd!”

  8. DDD

    Sara: Sofia?
    Sofia: Yes darling?
    Sara:Did you just fart?
    Sofia: You better believe I did.
    Sara Ok…

  9. It’s a tough decision, but I’ll take the little one on the left. And make that “to go” please.

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