1. guttboy

    Breaking news…..JWoww is still a nasty scunt.

  2. Those pink dumbbells come in a set of 4, where are the other 2… Oh.. Never mind…

  3. diego

    Nice Kate Gosselin stomach… did she recently give birth to 8 kids?

  4. contusion

    It’s not helping.

  5. Dr. Jones

    Shouldn’t her belly button be higher?

  6. SpareClownParts

    That face…..

  7. Wow, you almost can’t see the fungus.

  8. Apparently its tough to tuck that much penis.

  9. The body is great, but that personality means I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 foot pole.

  10. eatme

    is that a duck?

  11. Look at all the hard work lipo did for me!

  12. anonym

    All these girls holding up phones to a mirror…… can do advertising for the cell phone companies.

  13. skippy86

    They had to pull really hard on that tummy tuck, cause that aint her belly button thats her left nipple.

  14. AnnaD.

    There is no excuse for using dumbbels that size between the ages of 5 & 85

  15. CuriousTroll

    Funny how she has ‘washboard’ abs, yet her arms and legs are flabby; how does that work? She probably had her surgeon make her a fake sixpack.

  16. I think she looks great. The rest of her might be FUBAR, but as far as looks…not to fucking bad.

  17. gnarla

    Chipmunk cheeks with a matching chipmunk stomach.

  18. shay

    if her belly button was an inch higher she would actually be hot.

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