1. Guess who’s pussy whipped.

  2. contusion

    Nice hair don’t.

  3. Alec,
    I guess fame and money can buy you anything. Like a high maintenance bitch!

  4. bdog821

    “Who’s the bitch?? That’s what I thought!”

  5. Fucking stewardesses even expect me to carry my own luggage now. I’M ALEC FUCKING BALDWIN, DAMMIT!!!!

  6. Way to pull your weight Hilaria.

  7. The Pope

    “If one more person calls me Stephen, I’m gonna fucking deck them!”

  8. zomgbie

    alec baldwin totally rockin the ben affleck bangs.
    ben didnt have to carry his own bags though.

  9. Karma's Bastard Child

    Does this guy ever not look pissed off?!

  10. He is making all the money and this fucking princess can’t carry shit?

  11. Fuck this! I’m tired just looking at them.

  12. “Honey. All I said was that about your NPR show was that you’re a terrible interviewer and you’re nowhere near as smart as you think you are. I don’t see why you got all mad. Hey, at least on the radio nobody can see your hair. That’s something.”

  13. That’s Hilaria-ous!!!!

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