1. “Yeah, no OJ recommended these. Up until now I’ve been choking prostitutes to death barehanded like a neanderthal.”

  2. cc

    Disguised voice ‘You fuckin’ suck Craig, you hear me? You fuckin’ suck!’

  3. JimBB

    Just can’t stop harassing Daniel Craig, even on-set.

  4. The weird thing is, with his hand hiding the bottom of his face, what you can see looks uncannily like an older Daniel Craig. Seriously, look at it.

  5. “Give me back my probiotics”

  6. “Hello…??? I’d like to order a combo pizza and I’d like that delivered to a street corner.”

  7. “Okay, I took the right glove off. Now, explain this moonwalking thing to me?”

  8. Dox

    “…and Number 2? Make sure the sharks have frickin lasers on their head.”

  9. “Pound. Several Pounds. In the belly. No, it’s not a damned joke. I’m stuck in this fucking coat that’s too tight, and even the fuckin’ explodo deice that fuckin’ Q gave me does nothing but give me gas. Now release this thing or the city of D.C. goes up with me. Get it”?

  10. Aunt Cracker

    Our Survivor is nowhere near that sophisticated.

  11. I Love It

    Its my wife, man!

    You’ve got to get rid of her!

    Why? Why?

    Why she weighs three thousand bloody pounds you wanker, why do you think?

  12. “Listen…I don’t know who you are, but I’ve played a man with a certain set of skills in television and film…and I will hunt you down and kill you!”
    “Uh…okay….Your cab will be there in fifteen minutes.”

  13. It’s not what you think…he’s talking to Jake, from State Farm.

  14. coljack

    “And then, I’ll spread more pepperoni, all over the pizza. Then I’ll slowly grate some mozzarella and put that on top of the pepperoni. Then I’ll drizzle some hot oil all over it and rub it in…”

    *Beeeep* Please enter your credit card number to continue.

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