1. “You came from here.”

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “Mommy? How come I hear the ocean all of a sudden?”

  3. cc

    ‘Hmmm, I see what looks like red numbers…’

  4. “Mommy, I smell fish”

  5. sure, it’s cute when she does it…but when I do everybody in the park loses their mind.

  6. “Remember, you should always lean against the utility pole and face the street otherwise the johns won’t pick you up…”

  7. “…hold still while I pee on you….”

  8. “Your Daddy ain’t got dick enough to pee on a tree, so I guess somebody has to teach you how.”

  9. “Mommy, why do you keep peeing down my back?”
    “So Angelina Jolie doesn’t take you home by mistake again.”

  10. IdDoThat

    “Lean back a bit… THERE YA GO!”

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