1. cc

    I wouldn’t eat sausages off the handle of a plunger.

  2. cmonreally

    “White Sausage Party” is a very accurate description.

  3. Swearin

    I thought Arnold likes some salsa on his white sausage?

  4. Apparently the gap is an Austrian thing.


  6. Anthony

    God those pretzels look delicious.

  7. Well, I guess nobody has any business complaining…it’s right there in the name.

  8. Do they keep the swastika shaped ones in the back?

  9. “I can do zis wis my penis…just ask duh Mexican maid.”

  10. It’s certainly been awhile. Arnold’s last sausage fest was in Joe Weider’s hot tub.

  11. Brit

    Not pictured: African sausage, Mexican sausage, Asian sausage.

  12. &^@*#!

    Every one of those pretzels is an evil smile.

  13. coljack

    “Now is ze time on Sausach vhen ve dance!”

  14. Pretzel – Weiner -Snake : the gateway drug to forbidden ….. Geez who cares. He’s old and in the fuckin’ in the way.

  15. Aunt Cracker

    It’s not a party til the weiners come out!

  16. Cock Dr

    So grateful that I was safely at home when I first laid eyes on…this.

  17. Jenn

    Ah be back! I forgaht ze mustard.

  18. They are creepy and unsettling, but still prettier than anything Arnold has had sex with.

  19. rican

    Betcha this is the coolest David Letterman has felt in a very long time.

  20. I know this is the mother of all non-sequiturs, but the dude holding the sausage stick is Hungarian or I know jack shit about Hungarian faces. Could be my goddam dad.
    Okay, back to butts now…

  21. coljack

    What both the German Michael Strahan and Ahnuhld are thinking: “Wauw, dey are really scraping deh bottuhm of deh barrel for deh Beerfest seeekvuhl.”

  22. malaka

    is that morrissey poking arnold with the sausage?

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