1. cmonreally

    Her cleavage looks like one of those t-shirts you get from an amusement park that has a six pack air sprayed on to it, but in this case it’s tits.

  2. RuPaul’s looking more mannish than usual.

  3. “So… who’s the teen who’s going to go down on me while my husband plowed her doggystyle tonight?”

  4. Looks like one of those steroid abusing body building chicks with the Boehner spray tan and super creepy cleavage.

  5. That dress says she is ready to party…but the crossed eyes and wonk face says “extra chromosome”

  6. So will she be starting in the Super Bowl this weekend?

  7. Feminists object to this costume for the “Woman of Steel” movie.

  8. Jade

    The dress successfully distracts from the face.

  9. That isn’t a drag queen, that’s just a man in a dress and bad wig.

  10. greenmeanie

    I just don’t get it with this one. She always looks like Drag-Queen J.Lo. She’s got to be one of those people who look better in person.

  11. Aunt Cracker

    That might be a man. She’s got shoulders like Dwight Howard.

  12. Son of Flubber

    It’s that dude from the Crying Game.

  13. She is cross-eyed , is her nipples cross-eyed too?

  14. Gee, it wasn’t all that long ago that I envied Robin Thicke’s life and lifestyle. This woman is a wreck! Just goes to show ya, the grass really IS greener on the other side of the street.

  15. I_Love It!

    “My face is so asymmetrical I have trouble understanding when my husband is inserting his hand into anonymous blondes at parties!”

  16. If it’s looking for Sarah Conner, I vote we give her up!

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