1. I have a sudden urge for watermelon.

  2. Great gosh amighty!!!

  3. Are the MILK producers awards?

  4. Coyote

    I would kiss her ass all day long.

  5. Deacon Jones

    oh sweet mama….#1 on my list, period

  6. tlmck

    Great job God!

  7. Now this chick is curvy and damn sexy, Curvy ≠ Fat.

  8. I would produce all kinds of awards for that.

  9. vgirl

    Real life Jessica Rabbit. Fap fap…

  10. Bigalkie


  11. Phoenix

    What goes around comes around: 21st century Charro.

  12. Someday, Simon Cowell, someday.

  13. Sin

    GREAT body but her face is aging at an accelerated rate.

  14. I’ll bet her pussy tastes like Carne Asada! Yummmmm…

  15. King Diamond

    Saw a pic of her toes. They look like smashed grapes.

  16. Jaycee

    Ain’t nuttin’ gay about that

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