1. Just starting to get that “matronly” look. It happens to us all.

  2. Coyote

    I would like her to use those leg to break my head open like a walnut

  3. tlmck

    Hotter than she looked in recent bikini pics. Must have eaten a cheeseburger.

  4. I would creep her out so bad!

    *I decided to be honest rather than make up crap that will never happen*

  5. Bigalkie

    One word ” inaheartbeat”.

  6. She looks better with the liberal application of cosmetics. But make no mistake, she looks awesome.

  7. Look at those thighs…I’d let her knee me in the nose and in both temples if she’s let me kiss those beauties!

  8. cc

    Two hours later people would ask me about the fashion show and I’d say ‘What fashion show?’

  9. Sin

    If any of us had the chance to talk to her, would we be able to actually say a real word? I think we would all be blubbering idiots. Plus alot of drooling. Maybe “Hi” or “you’re pretty” might stumble out.

    • Eric Cartman

      Not likely. Most people know someone better looking than 99.9% of models or actresses.

      • The Most Interesting

        You’d crawl across broken glass through a perfectly good brothel just to get a whiff of her tampon, and then keep right on going to get to a fat boy’s ass.

    • cc

      Do you think saying ‘Your legs look silky smooth.’ would be appropriate? I never know.

  10. cute, in a manly kind-a way.

    (big shoulders)

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