1. mike

    miley is turning it up a notch!

  2. tlmck

    Nope. I know where it’s been.

  3. officelinebacker

    Someone should tell her that even though you got the haircut of a 20 year old it wont roll back the thousands of years of abuse that vagina has been through.

  4. diego

    Looks better on her than dang ol’ Miley

  5. Gummy Bear Pimp

    Never thought a coke addicted, burned out pornstar would sink so low as to imitate Miley Cyrus.

  6. lawn

    So this is the Final Five. Rot in Hell, Fish.

  7. Is this a sign that Miley is finally going to do porn?

    • Moo Cow Hunter

      Let’s hope. She’s 20 and looks 25. Her prime years are evaporating fast. No one wants to see Miley do porn at 35. It’d be like granny porn… with ugly tattoos.

  8. Alexxx

    Liam Hemworth’s testicles just shriveled up into his stomach when the fortune teller showed him this picture whispering, “This is your future. Not a threat, but a promise.”

  9. GJerk

    Like my freshly shaved armpits…I don’t.

  10. “What? This old whore”?

  11. alex

    Somehow women lose a bit of their mystery and appeal when you’ve seen the inside of their anus a few hundred times.

  12. truthurts

    Jenna Jameson has seen more action than a toll highway out of NYC. She was a half assed porn star at best. She sought to redefine women not being degraded in porn. She wanted to empower them and swore on the Howard Stern show that she didn’t have a “troubled childhood.” LIAR! Awesome to see that she, in the end has predictably followed the same path of nothingness they all do. Porn kills.

  13. Sweet Baby Jesus, enough with this stupid fucking haircut.

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