1. Damn you with these typos, Photo Boy. “G’Day?” You stuck a ‘D in there.

  2. Very funny Toussad… We can totally tell which one is the rea…
    Wait, is that a masseuse he’s staring at?!?! Got him!

  3. They do haircuts at the Lego store?

  4. cmonreally

    Just like how a mustache can tickle while kissing, his beard can tickle the ball sack of the screaming masseuse he hired for the hour.

  5. stinkfinger

    Beam me up Scottie!

  6. “Dis how chicken look”.

    does that joke possibly work here?

  7. Really John, really? Couldn’t you just go with the Staying Alive style with a headband to look more realistic?

  8. Mohawk Disco

    - The surgery was a complete success, Mr. Travolta. You now look like Dracula.
    - I told you. Lord Xenu. LORD XENU!!

  9. JohnnyP


    *** Now with ‘hair’!

  10. I’ve made a lot of “wax figure” jokes here on The Superficial over the years, but this photo is just beyond that.

  11. JimBB

    Every year, Brett Spiner gets more and more pissed at this guy.

  12. Eyes Closed Forever

    You know you’ve had one too many plastic surgeries,
    when they sew your eyes shut. Ooops, sorry John…

  13. Matching your toupee to your suit is so hot right now.

  14. cc

    You should use black monofilament line when trolling in clear water.

  15. That little patch of beard hair is two fold.

    It tickles balls when performing fellatio, and helps retain the ball sweat smell so that Mr. Travolta can savor it for hours afterwards.

  16. attention superficial commenters-
    did any of you borrow my black shoe polish?
    i had it here next to my super glue… and thats gone too.
    and why am i drained of blood?
    oh and also- where did my pubes go?

  17. Little Tongue

    His head looks like my crotch (I like it bushy)! I think I know where they took the hair they grafted onto his bald scalp! Hehe!

  18. AnnaD.

    His eyes keep getting smaller… or his face is getting bigger.

  19. His goatee has grey roots…but not the hair on his head….toupee confirmed!

  20. icu

    What grave they dig this guy out of? He doesn’t look a day over dead.

  21. I read this as Gay Day and as far as I am concerned, that is what it is.

  22. since when did Jackie Chan become the spokesperson for Hair Club for Men?

  23. Slappy Magoo

    He looks like he’s trying to imitate Steven Seagal if Steven Seagal were really gay.
    In other words, he looks like he’s trying to imitate Steven Seagal.

  24. I think he’s turning Japanese I really think so.

  25. “Yes, I have xray vision and right now I’m looking through your jock strap.”

  26. Margaret

    I vant to suck your…………YOU know.

  27. “Is that really what a vagina looks like? Ew.”

  28. renotastic

    Someone needs to visit Zellweger’s de-scrunch specialist.

  29. “And then, he punched me right in the dick!” Said John Travolta, President of the Hair Club for Men.

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