1. ThisWillHurt

    “Hooray! Me too, right Marty? Marty? I get a hug and kiss too, right Marty? Right? Marty? Leo? Anyone?”
    “Who’s this fat fuck anyway?”

  2. Dox

    These three just need to move in together, and get over it.

    • anonymous

      Still not as bad as that MMF relationship of Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and David O. Russell.

  3. slow drip

    “If you let that fat fuck move to the caboose position one more time, consider this the kiss of death.”

  4. Jonah: “Guys, GUYS! It’s MY turn to kiss Leo now!”

  5. MRF

    Now I get who’s into cuckold porn.

  6. “If you EVER cast him in another movie with me….”

  7. “That’s it, now rub his back, yes, yes …”

  8. Swearin

    “Hey, let’s insert this up Jonah’s ass later, just for kicks.”

  9. tlmck

    Is there anything that Hollywood does not have an award for?

  10. Dick Thunder

    Wherever there’s a Leo, There’s a Jonah in the pic saying it with his eyes.

  11. Jonah Hill is simply thrilled that he is becoming everyone’s mascot.

  12. “Why Is Jonah still hanging out with us?”
    “I don’t know!”

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