1. JimBB

    Wonder how many times the police woke him up and told him to move along.

  2. Frank Burns

    That next “Ghostbusters” movie might be more autobiographical than Bill anticipates.

  3. malaka

    so much cooler than all the soul suckers at the chateau mormont.

  4. Slappy Magoo

    Why is he so sleepy, was the in-train entertainment the Monuments Men?

  5. hemmorhoid rage

    Being mildly amusing and never funny is exhausting.

  6. Voice of Reisling

    This is the Bill Murrayest thing anyone could do.

  7. I sure hope the girl in the foreground is using the front facing camera to take a pic

  8. “And now I’m going to VERY SUBTLY get a picture of Bill Murray by lifting my camera WAY over my head and pretend to be texting.”

  9. KtothaJ

    Lost in TrainStation

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