1. jorge

    invisible choir boy?

  2. Bieber flashback…

  3. Happy_Evil_Dude

    So then I was like, Biebs, you’re getting a record deal!

  4. Contusion

    Nothing up my sleeve. Nothing at all. Except for this anal probe. Otherwise, nothing up the sleeve.

  5. 1NDUN

    Usher showing Bieber to his seat.

  6. It looks like his performance should be done in about 30 seconds…that’s my record.

  7. Bionic_Crouton

    1. Make duck lips.
    2 Take picture with cell phone.
    3. Post on facebook.

  8. Nothing any of us could will beat what Fish said.

  9. Is there any remaining doubt that he face raped Bieber?

  10. Raaaaaaa

    does he have a semi-rod?!?!?

  11. cc

    Yes, Kim, like that, yes, yes, YES!

  12. Halloween is that special time of year when ghosts give – it – up.

  13. So I’m guessing the next pic in the gallery will be Billie Joe throwing a tantrum?

  14. irocksocksoff

    Invisible Bieber

  15. So what, exactly, is it that this Usher fellow does…???

  16. “Hey, Usher, find me a good seat near the middle, then go get me a large buttered popcorn. And keep that fucking flashlight out of my eyes!”

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