1. Contusion

    Checkin’ that side mirror to see if he could still punch her before he leaves.

  2. Don Draper's Dad

    The Lamborghini is court ordered. So much harder to slam the broad’s head whose ass he’s ogling in those scissor doors.

  3. Dude thinking: Don’t look at his phone.. DON’T look at his phone…

  4. I'mCool

    “Objects in mirror are less beaten-up than they appear”

  5. Happy_Evil_Dude

    Yo Tiny, you heard that about Papa Joe? Freaky, huh…hey, you got his number maybe?

  6. rantatonne

    Nice ironic costume on the guy with the dreads, jewel encrusted cross, with a misogynist beater of women in an absurdly priced vehicle, embodying how Christianity is preaches against earthly possessions and is for equal rights and women not being just for intercour… wait ehh, actually no irony detected.

  7. Not much effort going into those costumes…A black priest…and a nut job that beats women.

  8. those are some serious buttocks.

  9. squishy

    Watch the road you Schmuck and show some respect to the purdy lady in the passenger seat!!

  10. It looks like at least one bird shares my opinion of Chris Brown.

  11. cc

    Sailor Moon looks like she might be bangable…the one in black is a bit Karadashianesque.

  12. toopier

    If you look at this photo very, very closely,you might notice 2 dudes sitting in a car.

  13. The guy in the passenger seat looks sad… Chris likes his passengers black and blue.

  14. If Rihanna didn’t win that costume contest there is no justice.

  15. All you need to know is he went to a party at the playboy mansion and left with a guy….

    • Fred Ziffel

      The anxiety of being a closeted homosexual drove him to beat Rihanna as she discovered his true sexual affiliation

  16. anonymous

    Milli Vanilli sure got fat.

  17. Brit

    Chris Brown leaves as Rose McGowen enters.

  18. Carolyn

    Neither one is wearing a seatbelt. We can only hope they get ejected.

  19. mbcl

    “Uh Chris when I said “punch it ” I meant the gas “

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