1. 2 words: man whore

  2. that’s not even close to how you spell “douchebag”

  3. Get your feet off the couch, shit head.

  4. Farting on a pillow and making it look like you are posing …

  5. kimmykimkim

    No, dude, I do NOT want a lap dance! Quit fucking asking me!

  6. Cock Dr

    Trying too hard makes a person look ridiculous.

  7. “go ahead, smell my dick!”

  8. This is not the way I pictured Charisma Carpenter in my bed.

  9. Bigalkie

    If you’re gay and you know it scratch your neck.

  10. tlmck

    Something tells me the person who thought of this photo op was unemployed immediately after.

  11. Mrs. Tom Cruise IV

    I wish I was that pillow underneath his balls…

  12. He’ll never have more charisma than he does at this moment.

  13. Blech

    I think I’ll pass…

  14. maybe the brand is trying to be ironic….

  15. JacobN

    Looks like Tom Cruise is going to Bloomingdales this Christmas.

  16. InkyBlack

    I do love these natural shots, so spontaneous. Not contrived at all. Or camp, no, absolutely not camp.

  17. John Ham is like “whatever.”

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