1. ggg

    Christ, the woman just gave birth! She’s been starving herself…

  2. The Superficial Presents:
    eg. “What a nice pair of black and aqua Camel Handlers she’s wearing.”

  3. TomFrank

    I’m sorry, I can’t get past the fact that she takes jeans with a hole in the knee to the DRY CLEANERS. Wtf?

  4. Eagles? She should be wearing the cunt necklace!

  5. chikaty

    hey ali, fyi- your hot pocket is eating up your pants

  6. Lemmiwinks

    She should change her name to Smokin’ Joe Camel.

  7. Meh

    Let’s see her in the whipped cream bikini now!

  8. Arzach

    That’s how I like my camels

  9. The Brown Streak

    She didn’t get the wideout job but at least she made it to the final cunt…I mean cut…

  10. rough hurts

    (show) Toe stopper?

  11. Ksurfiws

    The Eagles Suck Dick!

  12. Would hit

    Get that fucking hat off.

  13. Ever since getting booted out of her house, Ali Larter takes her yard sales on the road with her.

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