1. What kind of narcissist asks for a full-size model of her bush to be put on her head?

  2. puddleduck

    I thought Al Jolson was dead.

  3. cookie

    She seriously looks like a clown! Yikes!

  4. sitsdeep

    I think someone needs to piss on her face and wash that ugly off.

  5. Jewbot

    Ahhhh! Those spiders have Kim Kardashian on their bums!

  6. mori

    I’m embarrASSed. Please go away.

  7. officemonkey

    Did I miss the caption, or has Kim Kardashian joined the Juggaloes, now?

  8. Cher X


  9. Andy Gibb

    Pee Whore (disco version)

  10. Bigalkie

    Every day Reggie Bush goes home and prays to whatever god he worships and thanks him for allowing the bullshit from PR machine to clear so, during a moment of clarity, he punted this short, fat, heavily made up idiot. Peace

  11. suck it


  12. So this is what happened to baby Jane

  13. Sammy

    She looks kind of like a clown in this picture.

  14. Jones

    The Bride of Funkenstein!

  15. I think she’s in early preparation for her very own “Kim Kardashian Annual Hallowe’en Party and Golden Shower Soiree.” No sense waiting till the last minute.

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