1. Tell that bitch that Han still needs help fixing the hypedrive on the Falcon!

  2. fred

    $100 million and she still leaves the tag on so she can return that XXXXL jumpsuit to Sweety’s Big & Tall.

  3. Gio

    If you didn’t know the name Kardashian you wouldn’t look 2x at this fat assed pig. How fucked up of a society do we live in where her gorilla assed sister sucks dick and the entire family gets rich and famous.

  4. Seriously, stop posting pictures of this fucking wretched excuse of a family. More creepy Travolta waxwork pics, or even the dog-faced offspring of Bruce Willis – anything but this gang of useless cunts.

  5. Ralph

    What’s the “Mooo” equivalent for a Sasquatch?

  6. She is to big for that car…

  7. …and, there goes my erection from the previous picture.

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