1. cc

    That sound…that is the sound of circuits frying…in my head.

  2. Those panties have a weak seam; take them off and I’ll fix it.

  3. Ok, now we’re going to take some candid shots. Just wander around this dusty warehouse and study random items in your underwear while acting like this isn’t totally fucking ridiculous.

  4. She looks sexy when she struggles to read

  5. My penis would shoot her if she was unarmed. Or armed.

    • My liberal sensibilities are outraged at the suggestion of paternalistic use of force against an undeserving yet sexy citizen..and yet my conservative penis says baste that bitch in man chowder.

  6. I’m captivated by what appears to be a painting of a naked woman with Courtney Stodden tits trying to not be crushed by a gigantic flaccid ogre cock in the background.

  7. Taken before she realizes it’s a picture of the photographer’s dick.

  8. April May

    Hopefully this aint that weirdo photographer that jizzes on all the models he shoots

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