1. vgrly

    “This is how you check your own BO without people knowing. Pretend to sleep with your arm out and then sniff. JEAH!”

  2. Johnny P!

    Can’t wait to see his hangover “can we keep the noise down?” face at the Closing Ceremonies…

  3. Contusion

    “Hey baby, haf I toll you I’m really good at the breast stroke?”

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Sit him in the sink for ten minutes and he’ll be right as rain

  5. it had to be said

    Looks like he’s trying to drunk swim into the front seat.

  6. The tragedy of all the tail Ryan will score at the Olympics, it that he’ll be too drunk to remember any of it.

  7. SSHGuru

    The hot girl doesn’t care if he’s passed out. In fact she prefers it because him talking ruins everything.

  8. Cock Dr

    Roman gladiators did the exact same thing after their successful combat in the arena.
    There’s a lot of champion baby batter being splattered around London right now.

  9. When she heard he was good at the breast stroke, she assumed he would also be good at the 100 meter butterfly lick. She was wrong.

  10. hank hill

    just anotha night at the jersey shwore.

  11. Gary Grant

    While she saw his performance at the Olympics and gave it Gold, the size of his swim trunks didn’t medal.

  12. Blech

    Yup, looks exactly like he’s looking for ‘the one’.

    At least this chick is getting paid.

  13. bigalkie

    This kid needs the John’s Hopkins twenty questions.

  14. Hey, Lochte, as long as Michael Phelps lives, you’ll always be #2.

  15. Bri Owens

    Hell of a night #Jeah #Jeah #Jeah

  16. Post hit-it but pre quit-it.

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