1. Johnny P!

    Y’know, all you have to do is change the second “R” in her last name to an “L”…

  2. Willie Dixon

    She just sensed that Frodo put the ring on.

  3. Urvag


  4. it had to be said

    Nope. Still too revealing. Try again.

  5. Anyone else think that tapping that would result in a haboob sized dust storm?

    • Frank The Duck

      Considering how much her “Haboobs” have sagged it will take a mighty wind to get them airborne…

  6. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    She patrols the border looking for mexicans; the Massachusetts border.

  7. what the huh?

    all the money in the world and she cant buy clothes that fit or have style?

  8. “Jerrod, you and Heath has better round up the horses from the upper pasture. There’s a big storm brewing — something fierce.”

  9. Shhhhhh. She’s emerging from her cocoon.

  10. Holy shit, she’s lucky he wasn’t caught fucking the garbage can!

  11. MooMoo: Evolved

  12. anonymous

    There is something scary showing in her crotch area.

  13. kittenmittensmascotmeow

    If she stands there any longer shes going to become a cactus .

  14. Bionic_Crouton

    I don’t remember this episode of “The Walking Dead”.

  15. tlmck

    In fashion parlance, that is known as a “getup”.

  16. bigalkie

    In order to honor our Indiginous Americans, I will now be tied to a stake.

  17. Why is she dressing like a maid?

  18. Lissa

    Maria Shrivelled is more like it.

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