1. Bob

    WTF, John? Stop trying to hold my hands!

  2. Johnny P!

    John: “Hey, here’s the number of that great masseur I was telling you about!”
    Bradley: “Thanks, John. I’ll pass. I prefer getting my massages from lovely, skilled Asian women.”
    John: “Aw, man… you don’t know what you’re missing!”
    Bradley: “I have a pretty good idea, man…”

  3. “No dude, I told you, even if $15,000 were a lot of money to me anymore, I am not playing Penis Lightsabers with you. And I don’t even want to know what gag your Sarlacc means.”

  4. Buddy The Elf

    Now with simulated life-like hair!

  5. Willie Dixon

    “Dude, cross my off your list. I don’t need a free personality test.”

  6. “Wait, so you’re saying midgets about this high don’t put up much of a fight? Awesome!”

  7. Urvag

    Dude, for the last time…it was a movie….i will not strip you down, call you my lucky charm and throw you in my car trunk.

  8. it had to be said

    Whoa. I like you *as a friend* Vinny Babarino.

  9. John Travolta is sportin a dominican bus boy haircut.

  10. catapostrophe

    “Okay–but do you PROMISE there’ll be some funny business?”

  11. Frunken

    Who would’ve thought that in a picture of two people Travolta would look second gayest.

  12. rican

    “WHOA, John, is that GLH on your head??”

  13. Miss Pants

    Enough with the awkward mind melding, Spock. I still don’t want a massage.

  14. Girlfriend, you need to butch it up, bitch!

  15. Someone is about to get E-metered. And by E-metered, I mean butt-raped.

  16. “so, yeah – i usually hold them down by the shoulders, like this…”

  17. “Soooo, here we are at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s 2012 Installation Luncheon. But what, exactly, are they going to install and in whom?”

  18. The Pope

    Cooper: All the way in?
    Travolta: ALL the way in.
    Cooper: That seems like it might…
    Travolta: All the way in.
    Cooper: But what about-
    Travolta: All the way in.

  19. Bionic_Crouton

    “Scientology sounds great and all, but I like my fairy tales with more booze and less fudge packing. “

  20. anonymous

    LOL…and yet it’s Bradley that’s looking gay in this photo.

  21. mrmelonfish

    The official closeted handshake: Touch your pinky lightly to the base of the thumb shaft.

  22. gigi

    Run Bradley Run!

  23. bigalkie

    Hey Queenie, let’s shake it!

  24. Billebuoy

    Tomorrow’s headline

  25. CranAppleSnapple

    I wanted to distribute up-thumbs everywhere, you guys!
    To be clear, I was not speaking as Travolta and I’m not going to touch any of your butts.

  26. Lissa


  27. lois lane

    Finally…Toothy Tile and his lover!!!!

  28. “Wait — it’s *not* called a Quarter Pounder in Paris?!?”

  29. “Whoa! Whoa! Easy there cowboy. This ain’t Broke Back Mountain.”

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