1. JC

    “Giiirllll….you’ll be a ho-bag…soon.”

  2. So…. Lena Dunham doesn’t even get a mention??

  3. She grew up cute. She made some good movies in her teens.

  4. Lena has that look as if someone just told her she can have an extra slice of cake.

  5. cc

    The guy in the hat is clearly crossing his legs to conceal an inopportune boner.

  6. Wow. That looks like a hot time – a waifish looking girl in her underwear serenading happy smiling people who look as if they just came in from Its a Small World or from Church. As one who is exceedingly jealous of my off hours, looking at this makes me wonder what compelled these people to attend this concert of apparent lullabies, while sitting on the floor. Was there a cash reward or free liquor offered?

  7. Brittany Murphy’s corpse looks pretty good.

  8. Marketing Mike

    She’s kind of cute, except that she has hoofs for feet.
    Please, closed toe shoes next time have some mercy.

  9. … Is it just me or did she used to have tits?
    Seriously, what happen to Jena Malone’s boobies?

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    Did Demi and Bruce give up 1 for adoption?

  11. I’ve gotta get her for my next film, FalconPunch!

  12. cc

    The one in the pink in the background is intriguing.

  13. “Jena, you sound so damn good, just keep right on yodeling while I go back there and bang your friend in the pink lingerie.”

  14. Klipper

    I’d put a baby in Jena Malone.

  15. I still can’t believe she was the little girl in Contact. Where does the innocence go.

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