1. Did she steal one of Richard Simmon’s sweaters?

  2. It’s ‘Merica’s birthday, y’all.

  3. Cindy Lou Who…the college years.

  4. your mom

    think she’s wearing panties?

  5. Triscuit

    “Bathmats is clothes, right? …Fuck it. I’m rich. Bathmats is clotheses.”

  6. It looks like she’s working on getting that last shard of jerky out of her molars.

  7. DeucePickle

    Let me just say exactly what Fish is thinking….Pregnant !

  8. Thank god she had that sweater on, it was only in the upper 80′s in L.A. on Thursday.

  9. EricLr

    She must have made daddy move out. He was the one who would remind her of things like: why breathing is important, why it’s best to leave the stove controls to the pros, and remembering to wear pants.

  10. cc

    I am at a bit of a loss as to where you’d get a sweater like that.

  11. Kinky Minx

    Hilariously funny and terrifying. Clowns tend to have both effects on me.

  12. lily

    what on earth is she wearing??? even with that cute figure this looks horrendous

  13. Joe

    ‘Murrica. Fuck yeah!

  14. Randi

    Pretty sure she should stop wearing her hair like that.. NOW.

  15. She just got accepted to Hogwarts.

  16. Stars and derps forever.

  17. moll

    I think Jessica Simpson was wearing that same sweater in her 4th of July twitter pic…..

  18. TeeHee

    She looks like a teletubby from the neck up, when she wears her hair like that.

  19. Judd

    I believe I see a cum belly growing under her mumu

  20. the crazy betty

    she has weird lips.

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