1. Wants to be Johnny Depp so fucking bad. He was so close in the 80s and then Depp took the douchebag lead and never looked back.

    • Hey! Greico had TWO television series after Jump Street. What’s Depp done since then??

      • Johnny P!

        Depp? He’s become an ‘Honorary Native” for some role, has become Tim Burton’s concubine… and something associated with a ride at Disney Land or Disney World about pirates or something…
        Not too sure. Anyway, whatever he’s been doing, he has in fact become the ‘Douche King’.

  2. Perplexity

    How does this guy keep finding these events, much less paying the paparazzi to take his picture?

  3. Cock Dr

    You can mousse up that hair to the heights of the gods, but we won’t be distracted from that receding hairline.

  4. Johnny P!

    Why the fuck is this hideous, semi-talented has-been being invited to every freakin’ Premiere these days?

  5. SharkNip

    Maybe he’s the organizer’s Plan-B for times when Criss Angel’s not available

  6. direchef


  7. Beaver Underground

    You’re not a poet, philosopher or deep emotional thinker. So drop the pose.

  8. 17 bracelets is not too many bracelet.

  9. Jack

    Did Grieco have plastic surgery to look like one of The Simpsons?

  10. Henry

    Sir, please stop.

  11. Go easy on the guy- they’re full of negative ions and for his balance. Otherwise he gets all Lucille Two.

  12. El Jefe

    How has this guy not returned to his park bench yet?

  13. Mike701

    Vould you like to touch my monkey?

  14. Look! It’s Richard Greico! Oh, thank God, I was “afraid” something might have happened to him.


  15. Mickey Rourke’s doppleganger.

  16. squishy

    Spending just a little too much time with Lagerfield there buddy!!

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