1. Ronaldo

    Its so abnormal looking.

  2. Is she losing weight?

  3. somebody better move that cart out of the way

  4. easy peasy

    Just another maid starting her hotel shift. Why the picture?

  5. Cock Dr


  6. That heel is definitely at maximum capacity.

  7. Bonky

    How does she sit on a toilet with that thing ?

  8. Donald Sterling


  9. Flatliner

    You know, I was just standing there minding my own business when suddenly…BAAM! I got hip checked by a fucking cow!

  10. Robb7

    Looks like she’s going for the industrial-strength ass filler — bigger is always better to these kunts!

  11. You could probably throw darts and stick them in that disgusting ass all day and she would never feel them.

  12. anonymous

    Jessica Simpson had babies for 3 years straight and has calves like the Hulk.

    How does this chick not have legs to rival Ah-nold in his Conan days?

  13. mavis davis

    You know she has this problem every summer. If there were only a website that could help her. {}

  14. In a just world, she would be operating that cart.

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