1. Daryl Hannah has got to be 50 and she’s crazy as hell, but I’d fuck her hard enough to keep the lights on in her off-the-grid eco-lodge for the next ten years.

  2. all they’re missing is salad…and probiotic yogurt.

  3. Same plastic surgeon amiright ?

  4. EricLR

    The voices in their heads just told the most *hilarious* joke.

  5. “Ha, ha, ha…no YOU’RE still pretty”
    “Ha, ha, ha…no YOU’RE still pretty”

  6. Vlad

    Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy

  7. Something tells me hot flashes are a distant memory for both of them.

  8. Twelve feet of over-the-hill

  9. Phoenix


  10. “I’ll take ‘sexiest women of the 80′s who look transgendered now’ for 400, Alex.”

  11. Beth

    I think they both look good, but they both seem to be very tall even for Amozon women.

  12. I’m not ready for a To Wong Foo reboot, Hollywood.

  13. Premiere, support group, whatever you wanna call it….

  14. Jenn

    Brook:If we hold our heads up, and open our mouths our neck fat won’t show.
    Darryl: Hey you’re right and it kinda looks like you’re laughing. Good idea. I’m gonna try it.

  15. I’d take the both of them at the same time, anytime.

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