1. hit it

    one sec… let me get it straight… shitting on my pants…

  2. catapostrophe

    Stevie Nicks is looking semi-okay.

  3. EricLr

    Looks like her only talents are starting to sag.

  4. Dick Hell

    She appears affable enough, until she spots some kid getting inoculated and goes into washed up former playmate berzerker mode.

  5. Apparently she still gets a kick our of people asking her for her medical qualifications…

  6. Joe

    Thank god her tits don’t cause autism.

  7. Kinda looks like her dress-thing is making a frowny face. Makes sense.

  8. it had to be said

    Looks like Urlacher pounded the last bit of brains out of her.

  9. Dr.J.Fever

    After seeing the website of her body count seeing her makes me even more ill than any of these other talentless whores.

    I don’t mean to insult whores, they work hard for the money

  10. The Pope

    “When my boobs get sweaty they…hee hee…they make that armpit-fart noise!”

  11. cc

    OMG, her tits are sagging so badly they are pulling her face down.

  12. “I broke up with Jim Carey because he tasted funny.”

  13. sassy

    Did she take one of those vaccines herself to try to prove that she was right?

  14. Mike

    I think everyone is nit picking and it is not needed. If you have ever had a woman as beautiful as her the kudos to you, but I am thinking 90% of you are computer nerds with huge fat rolls.

    • She’s responsible for a lot of unnecessary illness & even death because of the nonsense she’s spouted on vaccinations causing autism. No matter what she looks like.

  15. The new face of autism looks rather old.

  16. blah

    The Grove is like Zombieland for careers in the industry. I saw Alicia Silverstone there once, promoting a parenting book and eating brain.

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