1. “Who’s fatter now, midget??”

  2. Did they make a pregnancy pact or something. Or was it just in their contract with MTV?

  3. cuddles

    Holy shit, her head’s gotten so fat it’s giving her scrunch face. (Can be said about either of them, really.)

  4. “That’s right, bitches, now I’m the Pretty One.”

  5. How are these two still relevant?

  6. anonymous

    How the hell are these two still on TV?

  7. George P Burdell

    JCoww and Ewok after being kicked out of ‘Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars’ before filming even started.

  8. cc

    Head injuries are no laughing matter people.

  9. Swearin

    “Snooki, girl, I love you but we need to get inside before I eat you”

  10. Little Tongue

    JWoww doesn’t have teeth anymore, it seems. Good.

  11. This wasn’t the one I expected to have gone full retard.

  12. EricLR

    “….And so on to marriage tip #14. Sometimes, your husband is going to ask you to do a 5-way gangbang with him and his bros in your backyard jacuzzi…”

  13. capn o

    These two should be rooting with their snouts in the woods for mushrooms.

  14. Flatliner

    Awwwww, how cute, a camp for retarded wookies and ewoks.

  15. Fun Fact

    Neither of them is Italian

  16. Bishop

    JCow & Wookie

  17. JWoww can’t stop looking at this tasty little snack. Mexican, it’s what’s for dinner.

  18. hihihih

    Jwow got J-clawed by the fugly stick!

  19. Freebie

    When will their 15 minutes be up?

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